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The Peculiar Shape of Moving

After seeing an intriguing newspaper ad for a bus travelling to India, Jude Sixpence is captivated by the idea of heading east and finding salvation. At eighteen, already weary of the prospect of a lifetime of monotonous work in the grey of England, he dreams of travelling the world. But it is the 1970s and the overland route is full of danger. Iran is threatening to erupt into revolution and there are rumours the Soviets are soon to invade Afghanistan.

With the world in chaos, will he even make it to the healing east and truly find himself? Will it be the adventure of a lifetime? Or will his life be changed forever by the many curious characters and peculiar events he encounters on the way?

Both exciting and contemplative, The Peculiar Shape of Moving is a gripping meditation on the human condition. Written with poetic insight, it invites all of us to reflect on what it means to travel and journey through life.

sugar info
Love Transfers
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Love Transfers is a poetry collection which explores the intricacies and intimacy of human relationships. The poems' themes touch upon the emotions and excitement of new love and feelings of loss brought about by the fading of intimacy. The poems remind us of our human flaws, our need for connection and the fragility of relationships.

Hiding with the Sugar Stealers
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The trip of a lifetime beckons as seventeen-year-old Dylan Bardell leaves a 1970s England to embark on an American road trip. After the shock of New York, he seeks adventure and salvation by bussing, sleeping rough and hitchhiking across the continent trying to make sense of his life. Processing his encounters through the lens of his childhood experiences and the many curious characters he meets, he winds his way across Canada, the mid-west, the Pacific coast and down past L.A. Yet in all the carefree rhythms of life on the road there is a shadow of personal tragedy that causes his trip to be dominated by a revenge mission that leads inexorably to a day of reckoning in Texas.

360 degree
360 Degree Appraisal 
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This book is essential reading for anyone contemplating introducing a 360-degree process into their organisation. It provides a simple explanation of the main issues involved and offers an exploration of different approaches that can be used. It is also helpful to anyone who is part of and uses 360- degree process and provides practical advice on what is probably the most critical part of the process for users, that of giving and receiving feedback.

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